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Michele Diodati wrote:
> Dear translators,
> I have a new question. Our team decided to integrate in our Italian
> translation of HTML 4.0 the corrections listed at
>, substituting
> the original wrong sentences with the correct ones. What do you think about
> this idea? Or do you think that it is better to translate the original
> English document, including its mistakes without substituting nothing at
> all? But does it have a sense to translate something of wrong knowing that
> it is wrong?

In html40-errata.html, we have divided the errors into two groups:
very small errors (typos, editorial mistakes, etc.) and larger errors
that may cause confusion. 

I think that translators may correct small errors with no problems.

However, if they think they have encountered a larger error, they
should (1) tell the HTML editors (so we can add it to the errata
sheet (2) leave the error in the translated version, perhaps
with a translator's note.

The problem is that a translator might think something is an
error when in fact it may not be. 

Thank you for your hard work,


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