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At 06:03 PM 3/16/98 +0100, Stefan Mintert wrote:
 >May anyone who uses the translation _remove_ the wrapper, or is a
 >protected by the same copyright conditions as the original spec (i.e. is
 >removing the wrapper a violation of the copyright)?
 >(We prefer the second choice of course ;-)

Your wrapped and translated version will be a derivitive work of the W3C
version. You will own the copyright on the "derivitive" work and can
preclude people from removing the wrapper. Furthermore, a condition of the
W3C to allow you to make a derivitive work is given in our policy, and from
the W3C point of view, we would rescind our grant to make a derivitive work
if you failed to make it clear that the wrapper must stay on.

(Keeping it on protects your efforts, as well as the integrity of the


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