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[whatwg] (no subject)

[whatwg] Adding a property to navigator for getting device model

[whatwg] allow <link> in body + DOM position as a rendering hint

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[whatwg] Dirty Property (Was: Markup-related feedback)

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[whatwg] getting rid of anonymizing redirects

[whatwg] Hashing autofilled data (was Re: Proposal: Write-only submittable form-associated controls.)

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[whatwg] HTML imports: relative URLs in blobs / progress events

[whatwg] Markup-related feedback

[whatwg] New feature: better integration with browser find interface

[whatwg] Notifications and service workers

[whatwg] Notifications: making requestPermission() return a promise

[whatwg] Notifications: remove show event?

[whatwg] Password managers ignoring autocomplete='off' harming security

[whatwg] Passwords

[whatwg] Preloading and deferred loading of scripts and other resources

[whatwg] Proposal: Wake Lock API

[whatwg] Proposal: Write-only submittable form-associated controls.

[whatwg] questions on URL spec based on reviewing galimatias test results

[whatwg] Shared storage

[whatwg] Shouldn't the p tag be omissible before the figure element?

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[whatwg] TLS deployment issues

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[whatwg] URL: test case review

[whatwg] Web API for Health Sensors

[whatwg] Whitelist protocol openpgp4fpr

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