Re: [whatwg] Adding a property to navigator for getting device model

On 3 Oct 2014 14:25, "eberhard speer jr." <> wrote:
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> Hi,
> Maybe you missed my initial message : I am a contributor [IPMC] to the
> Apache DeviceMap Project. []
> DeviceMap does expert "UA-sniffing" both client and server-side.
> Apache Cordova on the other hand is a mobile development framework which
> uses HTML5/CSS/Javascript and via plug-ins allows access to device
> features not or not consistently accessible [yet] via HTML5. The whole
> is packaged in a wrapper targeting a specific platform [iOS, Android,...].
> So, no 'UA-sniffing' going on there to format content, but HTML5/CSS and
> javascript running inside a container which via the abstraction of a
> "WebView" and plug-ins allows access to things like accelerometer,
> camera, address-book etc.
> If you are interested in the intricacies of "UA-sniffing", client and
> server-side, the use-cases, the esoterica etc I'll gladly contribute
> what I can.

Please explain more. We're keen to learn about your experience.


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