Re: [whatwg] New feature: better integration with browser find interface

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Peter Kasting <> wrote:

> If browsers had to retry open "find"s every time the page content changed,
> then leaving one's find bar open could have very large negative performance
> effects, even if the browser focused only on the modified pieces of the
> page.  Is there an implementation idea I'm missing for how browsers could
> fix this "bug" in a performant way?  Otherwise I can't see us doing what it
> seems like you want.

It seems possible to me:
1) You can do it lazily, during idle time (though some apps don't have any)
2) You can do it incrementally
3) You can start with the visible part of the page
Having said that, it would be complex enough I don't know if it would ever
be worth implementing.

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