Re: [whatwg] Gapless playback problems with web audio standards


Chrome developer here, gapless playback should work with both WebAudio and
Media Source Extensions (MSE). I've fixed bugs in both implementations, so
if you have some test cases in Chrome that fail, I'd love to see them. As
luck has it, I've recently put an article together on how to use MSE for
gapless playback:

We'll be posting it to HTML5Rocks in the near future. Feel free to contact
me if you have any questions. You also note that setTimeout() is not
precise enough for your usage; you should take a look at the WebAudio
scheduler or using WebWorkers:

If you only need your project to work in the foreground using
requestAnimationFrame is also an option. I'd first try to schedule as much
as you can in advance though.

- dale

Received on Monday, 27 October 2014 20:10:12 UTC