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Mini Doc Sprint Report Scott Rowe (Wednesday, 31 October)

Acceptable media. Jonathan Garbee (Wednesday, 31 October)

Bug section in MWT for Doc Sprints? Jonathan Garbee (Wednesday, 31 October)

Template limits and server loads Taylor Costello (Wednesday, 31 October)

[Bugs] Focus for DocSprint on Nov 3rd. Jonathan Garbee (Wednesday, 31 October)

Subpages overwhelms the content blueflame (Tuesday, 30 October)

Today's? Downtime Jonathan Garbee (Wednesday, 31 October)

Page for coordinating activity Janet Swisher (Tuesday, 30 October)

[Q2A] Possible useful additions Jonathan Garbee (Monday, 29 October)

[MediaWiki] Markdown Syntax usage Jonathan Garbee (Monday, 29 October)

New post on Chris Mills (Monday, 29 October)

[Meta] Topic Hierarchy Jonathan Garbee (Sunday, 28 October)

Compatibility Table Plugin Paul Lewis (Thursday, 25 October)

WebPlatform 2nd Open Telcon Alex Komoroske (Friday, 26 October)

Using W3C spec text on WPD Alex Komoroske (Thursday, 25 October)

Guide on the dangers of moving pages? Alex Komoroske (Thursday, 25 October)

SFHTML5 Web Platform DocSprint Peter Lubbers (Monday, 22 October)

WPD Stickers at HTML5 Dev Conf Peter Lubbers (Monday, 22 October)

Turkish Localization of Web Platform Çağlar Yeşilyurt (Sunday, 21 October)

Blog post for Chris Mills (Saturday, 20 October)

Missing Essentials PhistucK (Saturday, 20 October)

[Content] - Compatibility Tables everywhere? (Friday, 19 October)

{{Topics|*}} vs. [[Category:*]] Taylor Costello (Friday, 19 October)

WebPlatform Open Telcon Doug Schepers (Friday, 19 October)

Scope of comment system? (Friday, 19 October)

Keep HTML4 information in Tutorials? (Friday, 19 October)

tweet? share site activity Paul Irish (Thursday, 18 October)

Posting Guidelines: Top or bottom posting Tobie Langel (Wednesday, 17 October)

Norms around Deleting Articles Alex Komoroske (Wednesday, 17 October)

Posting Guidelines: One Topic Per Email Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 17 October)

Localization / DE Florian Stolzenhain (Friday, 12 October)

JavaScript/ECMAScript Styling and Citation Pete L. (Tuesday, 16 October)

Call to action! help to update HTML element reference pages Chris Mills (Tuesday, 16 October)

Call for action - help to update tutorials! Chris Mills (Tuesday, 16 October)

Template protection, template CSS and anonymous edits Taylor Costello (Monday, 15 October)

Guide to creating and editing tutorials/concept articles Chris Mills (Monday, 15 October)

Feature centric documentation Asbjørn Enge (Monday, 15 October)

JavaScript APIs organization Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Monday, 15 October)

[Documentation Guides] - Categorization helper. (Monday, 15 October)

[mobile web] Thread for topics or ideas? (Sunday, 14 October)

Possible bug tracker not hosted with W3. (Friday, 12 October)

Q&A FAQ Andrew Rowls (Friday, 12 October)

Chris Mills sick today Chris Mills (Friday, 12 October)

WPD: Example of a fixed reference article (html/elements/p) frozenice (Thursday, 11 October)

Translations (Czech) Martin Zicha (Thursday, 11 October)

Purpose of IRC and Q&A (Thursday, 11 October)

Request for IRC/Q&A volunteer mdoerators Chris Mills (Thursday, 11 October)

Volunteer moderators for IRC and Q&A needed! Chris Mills (Thursday, 11 October)

#webplatform IRC policy Paul Irish (Thursday, 11 October)

Where should text on CSS margin collapsing be placed? Oskar Rough Mosumgaard (Monday, 8 October)

WebPlatform language collaboration Fernando Montoya (Wednesday, 10 October)

Localization Alexander Makarenko (Monday, 8 October)

Interested to translate to Bahasa Indonesia febriansyah doank (Tuesday, 9 October)

First feedback(s) Amirouche Boubekki (Tuesday, 9 October)

Search-optimising "wpd" Jake Archibald (Wednesday, 10 October)

Contributing around structured data standards Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 9 October)

Welcome to the Web Platform Project! Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 9 October)

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