Re: JavaScript/ECMAScript Styling and Citation

On 10/17/12 10:18 PM, "Pete L." <> wrote:

>So, what I'm thinking is not necessarily a style guide that talks about
>things like the use of "===" vs. "==", or the use of single-quotes vs.
>double-quotes. Those can be addressed by selecting an existing guide from
>one of those above (my vote is for jQuery's, as it's short, simple, and
>to the point).

Even that's going to be tough. Your vote is for jQuery's. I hate it with a
passion (which is rather rare; I'm generally over this whole style thing).

>However, I think that we should supplement with a guide on variable
>naming, expression-value commenting, and anything else we determine
>should be addressed specifically to bring consistency to example code.

What's the value of consistency? Of course it makes sense in a single code
base. But here?


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