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>We all need to decide what the purpose of the IRC and Q&A is.  There has
>been quite a bit of talk among people in IRC about what exactly we should
>allow and not allow.  Paul has brought this up earlier in his email about
>just the IRC room, but this needs to be decided for that and the Q&A
>along with any further avenue's that could be used.
>First I feel it necessary to define two things so we are all on the same
>* "Meta content" is content or questions that is specific to
> and its documentation.
>* "General content" is content or questions that don't specifically
>relate to content from the site.
>For example:
>A meta question:  " How would I use HTML's Target attribute to open in a
>new window?"  (Ref:
> )
>A general question: "How do I get Y jQuery plugin to work on my site?"  Y
>being if you really need an example.

That's not really how I understood the distinction between both.

Example of a meta question: "Is anyone working on reviewing"
Example of a general question:  "How would I use HTML's Target attribute
to open in a new window?"  (Ref:

There absolutely needs to be a split between the channel for people
working on the site and a channel for questions about the site's content.

Answering questions in irc channels is exhausting and a poor use of
resources which could be creating lasting content instead.


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