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This sounds like a good initiative to me - I agree that keeping the tutorials cleaner and more focused on HTML5 would be better for learning of the "good stuff". But I also agree that we should keep the obsolete info somewhere too. Even though we are trying to push people towards HTML5, people are still gonna come across outdated stuff in their travels across the Web, and this will naturally lead to questions.

So  plan - do you want to create a bug for this, and a new page for obsolete HTML? We should definitely state what the modern equivalent should be, for each out of date feature.

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> tl;dr:
> I think we should remove things in the tutorials relating to HTML4 and what changed in order to make them just about the current standards.  This would mean moving all this legacy information into their own pages which would be useful anyways.
> Any thoughts?
> Long version:
> I think it is basically decided at this point to use HTML5+ for any new projects and to teach beginners on.  I have noticed in the tutorials section for HTML that there are references to HTML4 things and what has changed in 5 along with an entire section just explaining obsolete tags.  I think that this kind of content should be removed from the *tutorials* and placed in separate pages.  I think we should have one page that explains the changes between HTML4 and the current HTML spec and another that lists the obsoleted tags and how you can get their functionality back if needed.  
> This will do a few things:
> 	 Keep the tutorials cleaner and more precise
> 	 Not throw as much information at beginners which makes them more apt to remember what they need to know.
> 	 Not waste peoples time reading unneeded and outdated information.
> 	 Make a place to refer for all either update notes or obsolete tag information.
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> Garbee

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