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Re: WebPlatform Open Telcon

From: Janet Swisher <jswisher@mozilla.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:31:02 -0500
Message-ID: <5086E266.2010406@mozilla.com>
To: public-webplatform@w3.org
Below is an IRC log from the meeting. Thanks to Julee for scribing.

Several agenda items were deferred because the people who raised them 
were not there to talk about them.

* editor rights and responsibilities
* important next steps in content curation
* templates

Action items:
* Janet to create a page where people can declare what they're working 
on; this makes a single reference point, which is easier than tracking 
mailing list discussions.

Open questions:
* Who decides to merge pages that are marked as "candidate for merging"? 
For example, Desbenoit and Chris Mills worked on a new architecture for 
the web design section, which is now marked as a merge candidate.

[Begin IRC  log]

jswisher: Agenda: welcome
mdel: im here
9:22 AM
julee: Julee @ adobe
mdel: <= mike, at home today 
cgoodman: craig @ adobe
desbenoit: desbenoit is me (obvisously)
jswisher: Agenda item: editor rights and responsibilities
jswisher: : http:/ / docs.webplatform.org/ wiki/ WPD:Meetings
Garbee: http:/ / docs.webplatform.org/ wiki/ WPD:Meetings
9:26 AM
jswisher: julee: question: noticed that cmills often emails the list 
with what he's about to do, which is helpful
jswisher: julee: is there a place where we can see what people are 
working on?
jswisher: jswisher: the mailing list is good for coordination, but 
doesn't give a single place to look
jswisher: … there's not a place for that that I know of
jswisher: ACTION: jswisher to create a page for activity coordination
9:30 AM
julee: AGENDA: important next steps in content curation
julee: Jswicher: Chris is not available this week.
julee: ... Hoping Cmills & shepazu were here, but they're not so next 
agenda item.
julee: AGENDA: templates
julee: Jswisher: any issues?
9:34 AM
julee: desbenoit: "see also" they need to edit it themsleves to see the 
forum support
desbenoit: http:/ / docs.webplatform.org/ wiki/ concepts/ programming/ 
javascript/ json
desbenoit: 503 - XID: 215049137
desbenoit: http:/ / docs.webplatform.org/ wiki/ concepts/ programming/ 
javascript/ expressions#See_Also
mdel: I can confirm that I see the See Also section, and the edit 
section on the backend
Garbee: desbenoit, Looks like Varnish cache.
julee: Desbenoit: Issue has been fixed.
9:37 AM
desbenoit: julee right
julee: jswisher: this issue might come up again on other pages, having 
to do with varish cache?
julee: garbee: varnish had to do with the fiber 3 erroe posted in the irc.
Garbee: fiber 3 = 503
julee: Jswicher: if issues with the template, do bring them up on 
mailing list or irc. If it's happening frequently, we can log bugs.
julee: AGENDA: bug triage
9:40 AM
Garbee: https:/ / www.w3.org/ Bugs/ Public/ describecomponents.cgi? 
product= webplatform.org --Bug tracker
julee: jswisher: We do have a component for webplatform, and people are 
logging bugs. What's the triage process?
julee: ...again, Alex's agenda item and he's not here.
julee: ... For infrastructure bugs, they'll have to be assigned.
julee: ... Anyone on the call tracking Mozilla bugs?
julee: Garbee: Tracking them and closing them as needed.
julee: jswisher: Covers the forums, etc., but others with admin acess 
may need to talk about other isssues.
9:43 AM
julee: ... If things come up, garbee can change status, etc.
julee: AGENDA: "what's on topic" for forums and IRC?
julee: jswisher: people have an opinion about whether to allow general 
web platform discussion?
julee: Julee: do we have a list of resources to direct people towards 
right ircs, stackoverflow?
9:47 AM
julee: jswisher: Maybe add a list on faq?
julee: Garbee: really has died down over the past week. Before we drop 
alpha, we should bring this back up to see if people have the resources.
julee: jswisher: Makes sense to give it a little time and revisit before 
we pass alpha.
cgoodman: sounds good to me
julee: ... But general concensus is that the forum and irc are about the 
site, and we should redirect people who have general web paltform questions.
Garbee: http:/ / docs.webplatform.org/ wiki/ WPD:Keeping_on_Topic -- 
This also might need a little more attention as well.
mdel: +1
julee: jswisher: Additons to agenda?
julee: Garbee: What is acceptable language in the chat room?
9:50 AM
julee: jswisher: such as profanity?
julee: Garbee: Yes. Warning and then get...
julee: ... Someone, possibly joking, called someone lse an improper name.
julee: jswisher: We could disallow certain language, and still get poor 
NotTomato: Does that really need to be clarified? As long as it isn't 
used in a hateful way.
julee: julee: Someone who was harsh was reminded that we want to 
encourage people to participate on irc.
mdel: I think its usually clear when improper language should be handled
9:54 AM
julee: jswisher: Reminded of distinction of norms vs. rules. Are we 
interested in having written norms?
julee: Garbee: We don't need to write it down, just avow, and deal with 
it as it comes.
cgoodman: seems like the best is if the culture can develop in a way 
that bad behavior is not cool
julee: jswisher: Friendly, welcoming, and respectful? And leave it at 
that for now?
NotTomato: Just ask yourself if it's hateful or illegal.
julee: jswisher: Community is already encouraging that type of behavior.
mdel: also, is this channel officially English-only? (offtopic has it in 
the topic)
Garbee: mdel, Yes, English only here.
NotTomato: I don't think so, shepazu kept removing it and saying he 
didn't like that.
julee: Cgoodman: if soemone has a question on how to edit, how are we 
vtting those?
NotTomato: No it's not english only.
mdel: ok
julee: jswisher: An example?
Garbee: We delt with a lot of people speaking in Russian and other 
languages after launch. I don't think it will honestly be that big of an 
issue again.
9:57 AM
julee: cgoodman: Having a hard time finding the getting started page. If 
we want more people to contribute, maybe make the getting started page 
more prominent on the home page.
NotTomato: There is a test homepage where you can try to dazzle it up if 
you want.
NotTomato: Just type /Test after the main page
NotTomato: and try editing it to test new stuff on it.
cgoodman: cool -- thanks!
julee: jswisher: Good thing to mention on the irc, and if no response, 
send it to the email list, so the responsible person can make the change.
julee: ... Any other issues coming up in IRC?
julee: ...no other open issues. We've deferred some discussions, which 
we can post the the email list or bring up in 2 weeks.
cgoodman: thank you janet for running the meeting!
mdel: jswisher: thanks!
julee: We'll send out notes.
Garbee: I need to get a headset for these things...
10:00 AM
Garbee: Thanks gals/guys.
desbenoit: thanks all.
Tommi_: Goodbye everyone!

On 10/19/12 12:39 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, folks-
> Next Tuesday, we invite you all to participate our first public 
> teleconference, next Tuesday. We plan to have a telcon every 2 weeks. 
> Please see details on our meetings page [1].
> We are especially interested in having active editors and admins join 
> the telcon.
> We will scribe the teleconference, and make the minutes publicly 
> available (if you are willing to help scribe, now or in the future, 
> please let me know).
> We will simultaneously meet on IRC, in the #webplatform channel, so we 
> can exchange links, comments and questions, and other discussion.
> Agenda:
> * welcome
> * editor rights and responsibilities
> * important next steps in content curation
> * templates
> * bug triage
> * "what's on-topic" for forums and IRC
> We are also open to other agenda items, for this or subsequent 
> teleconferences; please let us know what you'd like to talk about.
> Details:
> Tuesday, 23 October 2012 at 17:00 UTC / 12:00 ET / 9:00 PT
> Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada): (866) 243-6264
> International dial-in number: (224) 357-2812
> Conference code: 6654824671
> [1] http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Meetings
> Regards-
> -Doug Schepers
> W3C Developer Relations Lead

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