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Cheers man - this is really helpful! I will use this material when writing my guide to sorting out reference material.

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On 12 Oct 2012, at 00:19, frozenice <> wrote:

> Hey all!
> First off, a little intro: I recently joined this project and am really excited to see where this is going. I will do what I can to support! For now I'm doing a bit of administration on WPD and Q&A, hopefully we're soon able to reach a consensus on the IRC/Q&A stuff.
> I'm posting this so you lot can take a look at what a fixed reference article looks like. Yesterday I took the liberty to fix one, especially dealing with the imported stuff (Import Notes field in formedit).
> You can find the article here:
> You can compare it to the older version here:
> Remarks / Error-Reports / etc. are welcome. Hopefully you can use this to judge if this is the way such articles should look like.
> And for Chris, here are my notes (he wanted to do an article on how to create/fix reference articles):
> - check what the editor before me had done:
> -- summary, remarks and some other stuff as it seems
> - I'm assuming the article has a formedit compatible template
> -- I used only the formedit, I think, as there was no need to fix anything in the raw source
> - remove extra brackets around links, external links use single square brackets and a space as seperator for the displayed title
> -- in this case the only one was the MSDN Link right at the bottom, maybe note that this field automatically wraps it's text in single square brackets
> -- there might also be erroneous links in the other fields, seen some in other articles
> [Import Notes only stuff from here on, that means the text that's in that field in formedit, not raw stuff via edit source]
> - fixing anchor-links
> -- "[#events Events]" -> "[[#Events|Events]]"
> -- this requires a heading like "====Events===="
> - collapsing multiple spaces / formatting line-breaks
> -- there were several places where 2-3 spaces were used instead of one, could be due to the import
> -- some table cells had more than one line, I formatted them like this: "Gets the namespace defined for the element.<br>This property is not supported for Metro style apps using JavaScript."
> -- that is totally open for discussion, of course, but the way it was took too much space, in my opinion
> - fixing tables (the largest part)
> -- "|" needs to be replaced with "{{!}}" where appropriate, that means:
> -- the start and end tag of a table become "{{{!}} ... {{!}}}" instead of "{| ... |}"
> -- row breaks become "{{!}}-" instead of "|-"
> -- cells become "{{!}} text" instead of "| text"
> -- pipes DO NOT need replacing in link-markups in tables, e.g. this is fine: "{{!}}Sets an [[dom/attributes|'''attribute''']] object node as part of the object."
> I hope I remembered everything. :) Oh, the preview likes to (in some cases) decode too much, resulting in wrongly-rendered previews, mostly only printing "{" instead of a table etc., it's on my to-bug list. Also, as Garbee just experienced, that transclusion trick for the pipe should be made way aware. :/
> P.S.: I hope signing my messages with S/MIME doesn't break anything here
> Cheers and all the best wishes for the future
> Frozenice |
> (fr0zenice on IRC)

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