Guide on the dangers of moving pages?

Hi all,

We're here in Tokyo with some members of the Chrome dev rel team having a
mini hackathon on WPD.

Moving pages is something with a lot of gotchas in MediaWiki in general,
but even more in WPD based on our use of queries and such. As a concrete
example, we just tried to move to , given that the
method is not IE specific anymore. However, when you move it the link on disappears. To fix it, you
have to remove the redirect that was left behind at
apis/file/methods/msClose. Weird!

I have two questions: do we have a guide anywhere on the site that explains
the gotchas for moving a page? I vaguely recall us creating that in the
past but now can't find it.

And secondly, should we limit the Move capability to admins, since it's
possible for even generally knowledgeable users to wreak havoc?


Received on Thursday, 25 October 2012 04:42:22 UTC