Re: Using W3C spec text on WPD

Hi Alex,

Use of a few sentences falls under normal "fair use" -- just like, for
example, a news article that quotes a few parts of a spec. So I think the
guidance is the same general guidance for fair use of any other kind of
copyrighted material: You don't need to ask permission as long as its
really sensible fair use. And it's hard to imagine anybody considering use
or excerpts on to not be that.

Just speaking for myself and not formally for W3C.


Alex Komoroske <>, 2012-10-25 15:03 +0900:

> One of the folks at our mini-hackathon wanted to include a few sentences of
> text from the official spec in the article.
> However, looking at the license of the specs (
> , it
> appears that we'd have to jump through a fair number of hoops to include
> that content on the page.
> Is there guidance on how we should include text from W3C specs on the site?
> For now we just held off.
> --Alex

Michael[tm] Smith

Received on Thursday, 25 October 2012 06:24:10 UTC