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It looks like I made a mistake by adding the reference. It was meant
to show where I got the idea from, not be a part of the actual question.
Basically if someone asked "How would I use HTML's Target attribute to
open in a new window?" we would know to check that part of the
documentation. In this case it really isn't explained well what all the
options are which shows we should answer it and improve the
documentation as a result. 

The general question being jquery related
isn't really in our scope of documentation. From there I think we should
recommend places for them to get help integrating things like that, but
not directly end up supporting it ourselves. 

We already have people
asking in the Q&A how to do things within a Joomla based system or other
server-side languages. If we allow this kind of stuff to continue where
do we stop? 

On 11.10.2012 03:54pm, Michael Champion (MS OPEN TECH)

>> Example of a meta question: "Is anyone working on
> >"
>> Example
of a general question: "How would I use HTML's Target attribute to open
in a new window?" (Ref: [1])+1
> +1

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