Today's? Downtime

So, today's? downtime is due to an outage with HP's Cloud servers that 
we are using it seems.

--IRC Log--
<Ryan_Lane> Unscheduled - Cloud Compute October 30th 12:09pm CDT (5:09pm 
<Ryan_Lane>  Update:7:20 pm CDT (12:20 am UTC) We continue to 
investigate connectivity issues in US West AZ1 and US West AZ3. Affected 
instances are running, but are not accessible. All Compute operations 
(creating, snapshotting) continue to function properly. We are working 
to restore connectivity to the affected instances.
--End Log--

So, we don't know how long it will be down for. We now know what the 
issue is and we know it may take some time to have fixed.

Could people with access to Twitter and Google Plus along with any other 
forms of communication to the sites users post wherever so that people 
know the issue is and that we don't have an ETA?

I have already updated the IRC topic so anyone who happens to read that 
(ha, more like 0 people) will get the message as well.


Received on Wednesday, 31 October 2012 00:42:27 UTC