Re: Purpose of IRC and Q&A

On 11 Oct 2012, at 20:21, Tobie Langel wrote:
> That's not really how I understood the distinction between both.
> Example of a meta question: "Is anyone working on reviewing
> Example of a general question:  "How would I use HTML's Target attribute
> to open in a new window?"  (Ref:

That would be my understanding.

> There absolutely needs to be a split between the channel for people
> working on the site and a channel for questions about the site's content.

I'd agree with that too - the conversations between people building and maintaining infrastructure are not the same as between the users of the infrastructure, but there needs to be opportunity for "users" to discuss things with "builders" in relation to the site itself.

Maybe there needs to be a 'meta' IRC and a WPD IRC (and maybe a 'meta' list and forum usage docs wiki too?)  meta as in metadata - discussion about the infrastructure

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