Re: [Q2A] Possible useful additions

- Polls -- I think admins being able to create polls would be great. I
don't see the purpose for regular users, and it would likely just creat

- FAQ -- +1

- Badges -- Doesn't bother me either way. Might be nice to have a way to
recognize users who are making an effort to help and contribute.

- Tagging Tools -- I can definitely see the benefit. The biggest issue I
believe would be consistency across articles. That said, it'd be nice to

- Markdown Editor -- My biggest issue is making sure we have a consistent
syntax. I'd be glad to use Markdown, but if we are going to use it, I think
we need to convert all of the articles to use Markdown.

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 11:12 AM, frozenice <> wrote:

> > (Sorry, can't remember by whom for my life.)
> That's me. :P
> I updated my dev install with the other plugins so everyone can get an
> opinion on those. I already changed some of the plugins' settings. No work
> was done on the markdown editor plugin, yet.
> URL: http://webplatform.frozenice.**de/q2a/<>
> admin login: admin / testing
> user login: user / testing
> Feel free to play around with all the stuff (admin/plugin settings etc.).
> You can also register new user accounts (no email verification required).
> Just don't break anything! ;)
> I put some thoughts into the box at the upper right, you can add notes
> there, too (Admin > Layout > the HTML code there).
> Plugins look good in general, some work needs to be done though. The polls
> plugin already has some permissions, so we can set "create polls" to admins
> only, for example. Allowing users to change their votes is also possible.
> Badges could use some work. See the notes on the page for more info.
> On 29.10.2012 22:51, Jonathan Garbee wrote:
>> I was looking through some of the plugins at the Q2A site and noticed a
>> few that could be useful:
>> - Polls [1]  -- This plugin would allow us to easily do polls from the
>> community on what they think of different things.  It has come up in the
>> forums that polls would be a good
>> idea for different things, this would allow us to do them easily.
>> - FAQ [2] -- This plugin gives us an easily manageable FAQ page for the
>> Q2A system.  It is currently tucked away in the Docs [3] which isn't
>> convenient.  This would simply add a
>> new page with (seemingly) easy administration in the Q2A Admin section.
>> - Badges [4] -- This one gives us a nice badge system for users.  It has
>> been said that things like this are good for communities.  Why not give it
>> a shot?
>> - Tagging Tools [5] -- This will give us the ability to set synonyms to
>> tags to automatically make say "HTML5" be "HTML" so that we keep somewhat
>> standard tagging for main tags.
>> - Markdown Editor [6] -- There is some work going into a Markdown editor
>> already (Sorry, can't remember by whom for my life.) but this plugin could
>> be just what we need to get the
>> job done.
>> Thoughts on these?
>> Thanks,
>> -Garbee
>> [1]**poll<>
>> [2]**faq <>
>> [3]**wiki/WPD:Q&A_FAQ<>
>> [4]**badges<>
>> [5]**q2a-tagging-tools<>
>> [6]**markdown-editor-plugin-q2a<>

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