Re: [MediaWiki] Markdown Syntax usage


If you allow more than one syntax, then everybody who actively edits on 
the site has to learn both syntaxes, because any given article might be 
in one or the other.

If someone has existing content in markdown syntax that they want to 
contribute, they can use a tool like pandoc 
( to convert it to MediaWiki text.

Supporting it for Q&A might be OK, since posts don't need to be edited 
by others.

On 10/29/12 1:25 PM, frozenice wrote:
> I agree that we don't need Markdown in the docs. It would just add 
> another layer of complexity and I don't know how well the mentioned 
> plugin plays along with our other plugins (it is marked as beta, too).
> Markdown could be handy for the Q&A though. I'll work on the markdown 
> editor plugin there again, now that I finally got over my 
> cold/flu/whateveritwas. :)
> Cheers
> fro
> On 29.10.2012 17:52, Jonathan Garbee wrote:
>> Bug 19692 [1] is a request for Markdown Syntax to be added as an 
>> option for editing pages.
>> I personally don't see where this would come in handy unless we 
>> started to use markdown as the primary syntax.  This would just add 
>> one more way to do content which would just add
>> to confusion on markup.
>> What are your thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> -Garbee
>> [1]

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