Possible bug tracker not hosted with W3.


It would be a good idea to think about getting a bug tracker on the
site itself once the current SSO issues are worked out. That way peoples
same accounts can be used for bug tracking and it isn't on another
domain completely requiring yet another account which some seem to
complain about. 

On top of using it for bugs we could use it for
feature requests as we do now, but also for tasking new content
additions or edits. I'm thinking if someone has an idea to integrate
something, they could drop it in a certain area of the tracker. That way
people looking for exact things to do could look there for things that
could be done. Right now there is no real central place of content that
we know needs fixing/updating to be tracked. This kind of use seems

Any thoughts? 

Received on Friday, 12 October 2012 19:24:23 UTC