WebPlatform Open Telcon

Hi, folks-

Next Tuesday, we invite you all to participate our first public 
teleconference, next Tuesday. We plan to have a telcon every 2 weeks. 
Please see details on our meetings page [1].

We are especially interested in having active editors and admins join 
the telcon.

We will scribe the teleconference, and make the minutes publicly 
available (if you are willing to help scribe, now or in the future, 
please let me know).

We will simultaneously meet on IRC, in the #webplatform channel, so we 
can exchange links, comments and questions, and other discussion.

* welcome
* editor rights and responsibilities
* important next steps in content curation
* templates
* bug triage
* "what's on-topic" for forums and IRC

We are also open to other agenda items, for this or subsequent 
teleconferences; please let us know what you'd like to talk about.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 at 17:00 UTC / 12:00 ET / 9:00 PT

Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada): (866) 243-6264
International dial-in number: (224) 357-2812
Conference code: 6654824671

[1] http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Meetings

-Doug Schepers
W3C Developer Relations Lead

Received on Friday, 19 October 2012 05:39:59 UTC