[Bugs] Focus for DocSprint on Nov 3rd.

During the telcon the other day there was some talk of working on bugs 
during the Doc Sprint on Saturday.  These are some of the bugs I think 
should be prioritized by the people with the proper permissions to the 
content linked within and to the backend to make the changes.  This way 
what is left can be confirmed and fixed by anyone (for the most part.)

https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=19410 --I also linked 
this to bug 19359 since completing this could also solve that report.

Beyond these I am trying to prioritize the bugs in the Content section 
for future use.  I think we haven't been handling the prioritization in 
this section too well so I am going to make a guide to submitting a 
Content bug so that we have something to talk about for using for future 
reports so things are kept clean and are easily targeted in both Doc 
Sprints and for people just browsing for something to do.

Hopefully I will have a draft of that guide in the list sometime later 
today for discussion.


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