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I updated the example page to include the better wording you
suggested. It is really bad to say that since we do know where to go to
try and help them out. I think in anything we do we should at least try
to get people to the right places to get their voices heard or their
problems addressed. 

On 11.10.2012 04:15pm, Divya Manian wrote: 

> I
like the content you have except for the 
> "Please don't bring up
new standards you want. We are not a standards creation community and
can't help at all." 
> We should suggest they go to and
find the relevant mailing list to suggest anything. Or ask them to
suggest @ #whatwg ? I think it sounds too negative to say 'don't'. 
On 11 Oct 2012, at 05:47, <> <>
>> I think we should also add a small snippet explaining we
aren't for general support on the chat page. I created an example page
at [6]to be looked over. This way people
know upfront where they can go for support and will hopefully not need
to be said as much in the room. Thanks, Garbee On 11.10.2012 02:12am,
Chris Mills wrote: 
>>> I've just changed the line in the topic
"WebPlatform: ask and answer questions about web development and design"
to "Support and conversation about" - hopefully this
will help. Chris Mills Open standards evangelist and
editor, Opera Software Co-chair, web education community group, W3C
Author of "Practical CSS3: Develop and Design" (
[1] ) * Try Opera: [2] * Learn about the latest
open standards technologies and techniques: [3] *
Contribute to web education: [4] On
11 Oct 2012, at 06:43, Paul Irish < [5]> wrote:

>>>> Currently, the topic in #webplatform indicates it should be
used for support for web development and design. I think we should
change this. I'd rather see #webplatform be for the community behind the
site rather than be a support channel for all things web development. *
Currently #css, ##javascript, #html5, #svg, #html, #jquery and #web
address support issues * Capturing all their combined scope doesn't
scale for a single channel, but more importantly people who give answers
in support channels prefer more niche topic areas and can get burnt out
with too much off-topic questioning * We have a lot of work to do to
firm up the content and using IRC as a place to sync on those efforts
will supplement the list and ticket traffic. Both Chris Mills and Divya,
have indicated in other threads a sense of support fatigue already in
the channel. I've noticed this as well. I'd like to use the channel as
realtime supplement to this list as well as a means to cultivate
community with incoming folks and quickly get them involved. (As a note
for list member who havent been on IRC, we've quickly gained a stable
community of ~200 people, and found some of our largest contributors
there) _ Paul



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