#webplatform IRC policy

Currently, the topic in #webplatform indicates it should be used for
support for web development and design. I think we should change this.

I'd rather see #webplatform be for the community behind the site rather
than be a support channel for all things web development.

   - Currently #css, ##javascript, #html5, #svg, #html, #jquery and #web
   address support issues
   - Capturing all their combined scope doesn't scale for a single channel,
   but more importantly people who give answers in support channels prefer
   more niche topic areas and can get burnt out with too much off-topic
   - We have a lot of work to do to firm up the content and using IRC as a
   place to sync on those efforts will supplement the list and ticket traffic.

Both Chris Mills and Divya, have indicated in other threads a sense of
support fatigue already in the channel. I've noticed this as well.

I'd like to use the channel as realtime supplement to this list as well as
a means to cultivate community with incoming folks and quickly get them

(As a note for list member who havent been on IRC, we've quickly gained a
stable community of ~200 people, and found some of our largest contributors


Received on Thursday, 11 October 2012 05:44:34 UTC