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SPARQL cryptographic hash algorithms Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 29 September)

Proposal for hash functions in SPARQL 1.1 Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 29 September)

test agg-err-02 Gregory Williams (Wednesday, 28 September)

test case changes Gregory Williams (Wednesday, 28 September)

Possible Bug in SPARQL 1.1 Grammar Matthew Perry (Wednesday, 28 September)

xpath string index function Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 28 September)

Followup to RC-4 Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 27 September)

today's minutes Carlos Buil Aranda (Tuesday, 27 September)

Summary of (substantive) change requests from post-LC comments Chime Ogbuji (Tuesday, 27 September)

request for agenda slot Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 27 September)

implementation report details (ACTION-527) Gregory Williams (Monday, 26 September)

Regrets for tomorrow Birte Glimm (Monday, 26 September)

CommentResponse:DM-1 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 26 September)

CommentResponse:DB-11 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 26 September)

CommentResponse:DB-10 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 26 September)

Minutes of today's TC are online Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 20 September)

attempting to tackle ACTION-514 Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 20 September)

Announcement of recent drafts...( ACTION-529 completed) Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 20 September)

SPARQL TC 2011-09-20 Agenda Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 20 September)

Call for funded PhD positions at KRDB Centre, Free Univ. Bolzano, Italy - Deadline Oct. 14, 2011 Diego Calvanese (Monday, 19 September)

Comment DB-8 : response needed? Andy Seaborne (Monday, 19 September)

Regrets for telecon 2011-09-20 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 19 September)

CommentResponse:DB-13 ready Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 14 September)

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL 1.1 Query Results JSON Format; CSV and TSV Formats Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 14 September)

Minutes of the WG telecon 2011-09-13 Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 13 September)

ACTION 528: per-spec manifests Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 13 September)

ACTION-525 Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 13 September)

Partial draft: CommentResponse:RC-4 Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 13 September)

Discussion for Comment JB-7 Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 13 September)

Response DB-4 Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 13 September)

At risk for tomorrow Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 13 September)

SPARQL TC 2011-09-13 Agenda Axel Polleres (Monday, 12 September)

Comments response for Michael Schneider Birte Glimm (Tuesday, 6 September)

regrets for tomorrow Polleres, Axel (Monday, 5 September)

Syntax tests: federated query tests now in a separate directory Andy Seaborne (Monday, 5 September)

couple of questions Carlos Buil Aranda (Monday, 5 September)

JSON results format document Paul Gearon (Thursday, 1 September)

Canceled: SPARQL WG Meeting - Tues Aug 30 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 30 August)

apologies Paul Gearon (Monday, 29 August)

Minutes for Today's (Aug 23) Meeting Matthew Perry (Tuesday, 23 August)

ASK & GROUP BY / HAVING Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 23 August)

Review update-silent test cases Olivier Corby (Tuesday, 23 August)

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tuesday, Aug. 23 Lee Feigenbaum (Monday, 22 August)

Draft response for LC+ publication Chime Ogbuji (Sunday, 21 August)

INSERT GRAPH base URI question Steve Harris (Friday, 19 August)

minutes from today's TC... Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 16 August)

Minutes from last week and at risk for today Birte Glimm (Tuesday, 16 August)

rdf dataset parameters in protocol for sparql update Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 16 August)

query test case coverage (ACTION-494) Gregory Williams (Monday, 15 August)

SPARQL TC Tuesday 2011-08-16 - scribe regrets Andy Seaborne (Monday, 15 August)

Editorial: SPARQL Update and LOAD -- inconsistent text. Andy Seaborne (Monday, 15 August)

ACTION-515 completed: Review the overview document Matthew Perry (Monday, 15 August)

SILENT tests (ACTION-517) Axel Polleres (Monday, 15 August)

Updates tests: .rq ->.ru Axel Polleres (Monday, 15 August)

Affiliation change Birte Glimm (Friday, 12 August)

missing update test cases... Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 10 August)

[ACTION-501] Federated query review Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 9 August)

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tuesda 2011-08-09 Lee Feigenbaum (Monday, 8 August)

ACTION-492 completed: checked coverage of entailment tests Axel Polleres (Sunday, 7 August)

ACTION-497 completed: checked coverage of entailment tests Axel Polleres (Sunday, 7 August)

CSV/TSV results test cases and suggested adaption of JSON results test cases Axel Polleres (Sunday, 7 August)

ACTION-479 completed: overview doc ready for review Axel Polleres (Sunday, 7 August)

Update protocol and dataset description Andy Seaborne (Friday, 5 August)

protocol 1.1 review (to 2.3) Andy Seaborne (Friday, 5 August)

draft response RV-7 Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 3 August)

grouping test coverage... added a test case Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 3 August)

Comment response IH-2 Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 3 August)

Fwd: ACTION-507 "Draft text for CSV/TSV status para" done Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 3 August)

ACTION-507 "Draft text for CSV/TSV status para" done Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 2 August)

Minutes for SPARQL WG telecon 2011-08-02 Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 2 August)

regrets for today and ACTION-499 Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 2 August)

SPARQL 1.1 Protocol Conformance Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 August)

slightly updated agenda for tomorrow Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 August)

Comments status Andy Seaborne (Monday, 1 August)

telecon scribing Paul Gearon (Monday, 1 August)

ACTION-487: Draft a section for the test suite README on the vocabulary for SERVICE test cases. Carlos Buil Aranda (Monday, 1 August)

Fwd: [DAIS-WG] WS-DAI RDF(S) Querying Public Comments Carlos Buil Aranda (Monday, 1 August)

Review of Fed-query for LC readiness (ACTION-502) Axel Polleres (Monday, 1 August)

RV-7 (... test case temporal-proximity-by-exclusion-minus-1) Axel Polleres (Monday, 1 August)

draft response JG-1 Axel Polleres (Monday, 1 August)

CSV/TSV comments Lee Feigenbaum (Wednesday, 27 July)

Test Case Coverage ACTIONS ... some remarks Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 27 July)

SPARQL-TC 2011-08-02 Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 27 July)

Process question on "Errata" Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 27 July)

readme for test cases html Carlos Buil Aranda (Tuesday, 26 July)

ACTION-486: Setup a wiki page for creating a WG note on how RDF expected changes affect SPARQL 1.1 Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 26 July)

Fed query ... more comments Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 26 July)

ACTION-493: Added some info on implementers summary to the wiki page Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 26 July)

Basic Federated Query - some comments Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 26 July)

SPARQL TC 2011-07-26 Axel Polleres (Monday, 25 July)

Regrets for tomorrow Birte Glimm (Monday, 25 July)

how to specify that in SERVICE VAR how we query all possible sparql endpoints Carlos Buil Aranda (Monday, 25 July)

Named Graph Property Path Question Matthew Perry (Thursday, 21 July)

Reply to: "Comment on XPath operators" Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 21 July)

Fwd: fed review Carlos Buil Aranda (Tuesday, 19 July)

Testing the tests: rand01 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 18 July)

Kjetil's limit by resource test (ACTION-484) Gregory Williams (Monday, 18 July)

Fwd: SPARQL Bindings Example on W3C WD Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 14 July)

'Meeting minutes from today's SPARQL TC Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 12 July)

Re-Joining SPARQL Sandro Hawke (Monday, 11 July)

regrets and completed action Carlos Buil Aranda (Monday, 11 July)

ACTION-480 completed: Review CSV document Polleres, Axel (Monday, 11 July)

SPARQL TC 2011-07-05 Agenda Polleres, Axel (Monday, 11 July)

minutes from today's TC are online... Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 5 July)

SPARQL 1.1 Test Suite status page Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 5 July)

SPARQL WG Minutes - Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 5 July)

fed review Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 5 July)

Re: service tests 4, 7 Carlos Buil Aranda (Tuesday, 5 July)

SPARQL TC today - late reminder Polleres, Axel (Tuesday, 5 July)

Draft response for AZ-1 (Ent. Regimes) Birte Glimm (Monday, 4 July)

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