Editorial: SPARQL Update and LOAD -- inconsistent text.

The update document is inconsistent about LOAD.

[[ 3.1.4 LOAD
an empty graph being retrieved will not create a new graph in the graph 

This disagrees with the formal definition

[[ 4.3.4 Load Operation
OpLoad(GS, documentIRI, iri) =
    Dataset-UNION(GS, { {}, (iri,graph(documentIRI)) } )

graph(documentIRI) is a function returning the RDF graph serialized by 
the RDF document retrieved from IRI documentIRI

but an empty graph is a legal RDF document and so it does create an 
empty graph. This may be removed but it is not required.

I prefer the formal definition version.


Received on Monday, 15 August 2011 17:50:10 UTC