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48-hour Consensus Call - Expedited Formal Objection on HTML Issue-204 Decision

[Bug 18787] New: Canvas fallback is not activated on script failure

[Bug 18790] New: Describing cell for an header cell in a data table

[Bug 18791] New: Reducing data table size based on the row grouping, column grouping combined with the table header cell structure

[Bug 18793] New: Remove Sentence as requested by Formal Objection on HTML Issue-204 Decision

[Bug 18799] New: Output tag needs a closing tag

[Bug 18815] New: Correct the reference to PPUTF8

[Bug 18816] New: change lang declaration for HTML5 spec

[Bug 18819] New: Error with link to figure element in section 'Text Level Semantics' paragraph 1

[Bug 18823] New: html parsing algorithm possible bug wrt <p> & <div>

[Bug 18831] Global Care

[Bug 18848] New: Error in HTML code example for the blockquote element

[Bug 18859] New: Update spec to match latest ISSUE-204 wording

[Bug 18865] New: <track> specify what happens with cues whose start/end times are outside the video timeline

[Bug 18875] New: setter creator on HTMLSelectElement/HTMLOptionsCollection should take a nullable HTMLOptionElement

[Bug 18882] New: Remove RFC4770 from list of references

[Bug 18883] New: Change Content-Language pragma to obeying the last pragma

[Bug 18884] New: Please refer to appendChild / replaceChild in the "set the value of a new indexed property" algorithm for for HTMLOptionsCollection

[Bug 18885] New: Make sure to define isPointInPath(path, x, y)

[Bug 18886] New: Change how <script> is handled in re-entrant parser situations when there's a blocking style sheet.

[Bug 18904] New: change text in 'status of this document' to remove inaccuracies

[Bug 18915] New: Encouraged cite attribute behavior is unlikely to be implemented and so should be dropped

[Bug 18918] New: typos/grammar nits in section 2.2.3 Extensibility

[Bug 18919] New: Encouraged cite attribute behavior is unlikely to be implemented and so should be dropped

[Bug 18929] New: MediaStream as source for media elements

[Bug 18934] New: Clarify what is conforming if extension specifications are used

[Bug 18950] New: consider to make <meta> accepting more <meta> children

[Bug 18952] New: Sec. 7.1 Hidden Content still lacks a specified mechanism to enable user agents to programmatically distinguish two conflicting use cases

[Bug 18967] New: Remove addElement() from drag and drop interface

[Bug 18968] New: Add note on implicit form submission

[Bug 18970] New: Clarify script disabling wrt a change of browsing context

[Bug 18971] New: TextTrack should have an id attribute

[Bug 18972] New: The referrer isn't always a Document

[Bug 18975] New: registerContentHanlder and registerProtocolHandler open huge security and privacy holes

[Bug 18988] New: Allow explicit grouping of <dt> and <dd> elements

[Bug 19013] New: Add Path objects and intersects() function

[Bug 19014] New: Authors need more control over handling of embedded resources

[Bug 19015] New: Enhancement: Set only single component for each pixel

[Bug 19016] New: Microdata doesn't allow marking up content with multiple vocabularies

[Bug 19017] New: Is there any equivelent for 'required' here? In case there are multiple options but no good default.

[Bug 19018] New: provide clear user friendly links to WAI-ARIA documents in the ARIA section of the spec

[Bug 19019] New: i'd like to encode a geographical position in the format like <span itemprop=geo itemvalue="lat;lon">HUMAN-FRIENDLY- and LOCALIZED-LAT, LON</span>, but current microdata syntax does not allow it. <meta itemprop=geo content=...> could be used, but contain

[Bug 19020] New: <audio> and <video> do not have sufficient support for synchronized accessibility content

[Bug 19021] New: A single manifest file pre page will be problematic for web authoring programmers like myself, and Lib developers like jQuery. It will cause all types of problems with mash-ups of various providers of web apps on a single page. Can U please consider addin

[Bug 19022] New: Syntax of <ol@type> and <ul@type> should be aligned with CSS list-style-type

[Bug 19023] New: Need standard way to creating heading "streams"

[Bug 19024] New: <input list=""> needs an event triggered on selection of suggestion

[Bug 19025] New: Add a "filter" attribute. If set, the user agent will filter the datalist. If not, filter won't be filtered automatically (unless you do some sort of filtering by javascript or/and server-side)

[Bug 19026] New: I would like to see a clearPath or clearStroke functions similar to clearRect but to clear lines, not just full rectangles

[Bug 19027] New: Media events to indicate captions and audio descriptions

[Bug 19028] New: Support a rel attribute that restricts cookie transmission

[Bug 19029] New: Maybe there could be a function to specify a cache manifest in the API so that instead of the application asking for offline storage when the page loads, some JavaScript can be used to request storage when the user clicks on a "Use Offline Mode" link.

[Bug 19030] New: [blocked on sandbox="" implementations] ID scoping for content aggregators (<iframe doc="">)

[Bug 19031] New: It would be beneficial to have a property within linewidth such as 'hairline'so that drawings could be scaled and linewidth would be independant. For ex. a line always having a width of 1 no matter the scale. This is almost necessary when displaying engin

[Bug 19032] New: Should there be functions available to add and remove resources to/from the cache using JavaScript?

[Bug 19033] New: <embed> should fire 'load' event so that it's more useful for e.g. SVG

[Bug 19034] New: Playlist! We need it to <em>easy</em> define.

[Bug 19035] New: We should handle the case of a bunch of required controls all being hidden at once — the author shouldn't have to also go in an remove the 'required' attribute on each one. Maybe make hidden="" bar things from constraint validation?

[Bug 19036] New: Simplify <video> for implementors and authors by ignoring the Content-Type HTTP header

[Bug 19037] New: Browsers use customizable dictionaries to correct spelling and tend to mark some names as wrong, that it shouldn't. Maybe each website can inform the browser of words/names it expects to be used and add it (in the scope of that page) to the exceptions. If

[Bug 19038] New: It's very common for many application to require access to the number of video frames, as well as to have the ability to seek to a given frame. Think of a video editor. There is no notion of a video frame here. We should add fields, like "currentFrame", a

[Bug 19039] New: Allow nodefault="" on <menu type=context>

[Bug 19040] New: Suggestion for improved caching functionality in html5 specification

[Bug 19041] New: Add "dragexit" event to the drag-and-drop model

[Bug 19042] New: Why multiple is left out of URL/Telephone? Text/Search do not need multiple but URL and Telephone can really use the multiple attribute.

[Bug 19043] New: The ability to lock individual channels (i.e. prevent them from being updated by drawing functions) would allow for some interesting composition tricks, such as drawing directly to the alpha channel.

[Bug 19044] New: Extend accesskey="" to accept key names (e.g. accesskey="home")

[Bug 19045] New: Consider adding .toArray() on NodeList and HTMLCollection

[Bug 19046] New: Add default button option/attribute for forms

[Bug 19047] New: how about minlength? i'd like to see certain fields to have a minimum amoung of characters for validation

[Bug 19048] New: multi-manifest R needed. The URLs can be separated with a common(manifest ="content.manifest,structure.manifest,scripts.manifest"). Having more then one manifest cache file would allow separation control of cache. Many websites and apps can use multi-mani

[Bug 19049] New: Provide access to global accessibility settings

[Bug 19050] New: Microdata: Language handling

[Bug 19051] New: slotIndices (new IDL attribute): collection of all col-row intersections (slots) the cell spans

[Bug 19052] New: Since context.putImageData() does not handle compositing, another set of methods, maybe context.drawImageData(), should be created to allow ImageData objects to be drawn onto the canvas in the same fashion as Image objects.

[Bug 19053] New: An additional useful transformation would be Perspective.

[Bug 19054] New: The footer element (Sections, Elements of HTML). Request for clarification. Re: Interaction of <blockquote> with the prohibition on nested <footer>s. "When the footer element contains entire sections, they represent appendices, indexes, long colophons, ve

[Bug 19055] New: HTML5 Lacks a Way to Programmatically-Determine Missing Text Alternatives

[Bug 19056] New: Need to expose media metadata properties

[Bug 19057] New: Media elements should provide a "next" property to gaplessly play back another media object after it has finished. This woud allow proper playback of gapless albums and an in-browser implementation of HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

[Bug 19058] New: <richtext> </richtext> This will provide a default rich text widget which is scriptable and should also support the Rich Text Format (RTF) Default widget implementation should be a text area with richtext controls above it. This will enable browsers to pr

[Bug 19059] New: Make it possible for <select multiple> to shrink wrap, within a min/max height range set as multiples of row height

[Bug 19060] New: add "type" attribute to <nav> to distinguish between primary and secondary navigation

[Bug 19061] New: why can't the frame number be requested? It's video, position is expressed in frames, not in seconds. a frames per second value could easily convert this to seconds

[Bug 19062] New: remove reference to draft-hoehrmann-javascript-scheme ([JSURL])

[Bug 19063] New: Validated local resource cache

[Bug 19064] New: 'input type=time' forbids legitimate use case

[Bug 19065] New: Adding informations about the bitrate of the video to the source element could allow user agent to select the right video in case the same format is available in different levels of quality.

[Bug 19066] New: generic 3rd-party <mark>, Smart Tags, and Accelerators prevention

[Bug 19067] New: i18n comment 4 : at least by default, <br> should constitute a bidi paragraph break

[Bug 19068] New: Add rel="edit" to list of defined types

[Bug 19069] New: <output> should not be barred from constraint validation

[Bug 19070] New: Define fragment identifier processing. RFC 3023 is useless for this purpose.

[Bug 19071] New: Add ArrayBuffer to Transferable types list (2.8.4); update Structured clone algorithm

[Bug 19072] New: Allow placeholder for color and date+ types

[Bug 19073] New: WF3: Allow two handles on input type="range", like this:

[Bug 19074] New: remove reference to draft-holsten-about-uri-scheme

[Bug 19076] New: Add new attributes to <meta> element

[Bug 19106] New: Clarify difference between readonly and disabled form elements

[Bug 19107] New: MediaController IDL oversight

[Bug 19109] New: should make media elements start playing

[Bug 19111] New: Avoid firing unload event in a browsing context more than once

[Bug 19112] New: Tidy up page showing/hiding logic

[Bug 19113] New: History API: Clearly define popstate event behaviour on page load

[Bug 19118] New: Setting document.location.hash to a not-yet-loaded element

[Bug 19119] New: Attempt to make <iframe> loading more closely match reality.

[Bug 19128] New: MathML 3.0 current TR somewhat mixed up

[Bug 19143] New: setTimeout and setInterval should clamp at the maximum timeout value

[Bug 19145] New: <aside> should have default implicit ARIA semantic of "complementary"

[canvas] integration with WebIDL

[canvas] integration with WebIDL (correction)

[Canvas] proposal for supportsContext

[HTML-AAPI] placeholder implementation issues

[HTML5 ISSUE-206, Bug 9212] WG Decision Applied: Meta Generator

[HTMLWG] CR Exit Criteria redux

[updated] proposed rewording of ISSUE-204 text

Abstract for 2D context spec. More specific text.

Adaptive Image Element Proposal

additional sentence for 204

Apology (was RE: [Bug 18744] drop WAI-ARIA scope restriction in the text adopted in ISSUE-204)

Bug 17836 - editorial - add note that UA need not send Origin header

Clarification of "Extensibility" section (Was: Re: Getting HTML5 to Recommendation in 2014)

comments from review of media-type registrations for the HTML and Microdata specs

CR exit criteria and features at risk for HTML5

Editorial team for HTML5

Evolving AppCache discussions

Extension spec for hgroup (Was: Re: Getting HTML5 to Recommendation in 2014)

Five features reverted from 2D Context spec

Formal objection on ISSUE-129 (WAS RE: Revert request for r6574)

Fwd: longdesc document for the record

Fwd: Re: Issue 30 (Was: RE: Getting HTML5 to Recommendation in 2014)

Getting HTML5 to Recommendation in 2014

HTML WG - MLW-LT WG meeting at TPAC

Info from HTML5 editors: merging WHATWG patches

internet explorer and UI automation

Issue 30 (Was: RE: Getting HTML5 to Recommendation in 2014)

ISSUE-30: longdesc "InstateLongdesc" - outlook

List of actively developed extension specifications (was: the maincontent element)

longdesc document for the record

Mailing Lists (was Re: Evolving AppCache discussions)

maincontent element

Microdata in the spec (again)

new long description attribute (was Re: {minutes}} HTML WG telecon 2012-09-06)

Please put in interim text for the ISSUE-204 statement about exposing semantics of hidden content

Proposed rewording of ISSUE-204 text to address outstanding technical issues

subline element - HTML5 extension specification

testing framework Re: [HTMLWG] CR Exit Criteria redux

the maincontent element- an HTML5 extension specification

The outlinemask attribute - An HTML5 extension specification

TPAC 2012 Registration is now open

twitter feed of HTML github commits

Updates to 2dcanvas boilerplate files & associated resources.

use of <html lang="en-US-x-Hixie"> in HTML5 spec

Web Video, Hyperlinks, and Natural User Interfaces

Web Video, Hyperlinks, and Natural User Interfaces‏

WHATWG patches staged for merge week 38

WHATWG patches staged for merge week 39

WHATWG patches staged for merge week 40

Working together on HTML5 and ARIA

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