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[Bug 18790] New: Describing cell for an header cell in a data table

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           Summary: Describing cell for an header cell in a data table
           Product: HTML WG
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: HTML5 spec
        AssignedTo: erika.doyle@microsoft.com
        ReportedBy: duboisp2@gmail.com
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Javascript Table Parser


In the Editor's Draft 4 September 2012, "Section 4.9.6 The thead element" show
a method about on how to add a description to a column header cell.

The "algorithm for assigning header cells" defined in the "Section
Forming a table" do not add any particular meaning to those describing cell
because they are parsed with the "internal algorithm for scanning and assigning
header cells", the same algorithm for parsing the real data cell. 

This can create a confusion between the real data cell vs. the describing cell
in a table because the "internal algorithm for scanning and assigning header
cells" are not considering any column group and/or any row group.

Describing cell for a row header cell

I would like to propose an addition in the specification about on how to add a
description to a row header cell in a data table. That relation can be made by
using the colgroup element. 
See the draft of that technique: 
(FYI, the intention of that technique is for submission to the WCAG 2.0

A note in the section "4.9.3 The colgroup element" can be added to say "the
first column group (colgroup element) can be used as an header column group if
inside the column group there are at least one row header cell defined inside a
tbody row group. Otherwise the first column group would be a data column

With that note, it would be possible to set a descriptive cell to a row header


Attached: A javascript table parser that takes in consideration the row group,
the column group and the placement, size of the header cell to create the
relationship between each cell contained in a table. You can find the most
recent version here:

The following table validator use the preceding table parser.

FYI - Here a mailing sent to WAI Interrest Group about a request for comments
in regards of the techniques mentioned here.

Thank you


Pierre Dubois

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