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New XQueryX draft published massimo@w3.org (Friday, 19 December)

Precedence rules for QuantifiedExpr - OrExpr - AndExpr Peter Coppens (Friday, 19 December)

external functions in xquery Damien Fisher (Friday, 19 December)

precision on op:numeric-divide Damien Fisher (Wednesday, 10 December)

problem: select a list with the fewest items. Joris Graaumans (Thursday, 4 December)

RE: item-at has vanished Ashok Malhotra (Tuesday, 25 November)

fn:item-at has vanished Andrey Fomichev (Tuesday, 25 November)

Initial value of statEnv.elemDecl and the static semantics of constructed elements Stijn Vansummeren (Friday, 21 November)

XQuery implementations Juha Vierinen (Friday, 21 November)

about XQuery view Qiang Wang (Thursday, 20 November)

Interaction of type annotations with literals in the formal semantics Stijn Vansummeren (Thursday, 20 November)

Formal semantics of step expressions Stijn Vansummeren (Monday, 17 November)

[ANNOUNCE] IPSI-XQ v1.3.1 released Patrick Lehti (Friday, 14 November)

ANNOUNCEMENT: XQuery and XPath to LAST CALLl (among others) Massimo Marchiori (Thursday, 13 November)

name of collective of active fragments/documents Jan Hidders (Monday, 27 October)

ugly-printed use cases output Howard Katz (Wednesday, 22 October)

Re: namespace node implementation (rectification) Xavier Franc (Wednesday, 22 October)

namespace node implementation Per Bothner (Tuesday, 21 October)

BumbleBee XQuery Test Harness Jason Hunter (Tuesday, 14 October)

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