Re: namespace node implementation

Michael Brundage wrote:

> I'm not sure what to say to this, other than humbly suggest that
> you start creating by first observing prior art.

Yes, that is useful.  But airing an idea in front community of 
experienced craftsmen is not to be disparaged either, I trust.  Of 
course everybody is busy, and nobody is obliged to answer.

> Even when the data model puts namespace nodes on an element,
> you should only serialize them if necessary.  When an XML application
> generates XML like
> <a:x xmlns:a="foo">
>   <a:y xmlns:a="foo">
>     <a:z xmlns:a="foo">
>       ...
> you can be sure users won't use it for long.
> That it is technically a correct serialization is completely
> irrelevant -- namespace serialization carries a minimalist
> aesthetic quality.  Serialize the least text required to
> round-trip the data model.

Yes.  I think we're in violent agreement.  I was making the same point 
to James Anderson.

> Both your licensing terms

I'm unsure what you're objecting to.  If you dislike the Qexo license, 
that is not a topic for this list, but that would only apply to an 
implementation of these ideas.  The idea itself, whatever its 
originality or merit, is available to all.

> and my finite patience prevent me from
> taking the time to debug your algorithm. 

Of course you are busy and have no obligation to do so.  Though it would 
be nice to be spared the snide attitude.

> I'm merely observing the similarities between the output you yourself
 > predicted and the above example.

I don't know what "output I myself predicted", but my algorithm would 
not produce the above example:

"When serializing an element, we print all the namespaces in the
element's namespace mapping, except for ones that are redundant because
they have already been serialized in an enclosing element."

> Whether you count that as feedback from someone who is both an experienced
> user and an experienced implementer is up to you.

I guess I must manage without your feedback.  Luckily, I have some 
experience as a language implementer myself.

> Writing as
> Author, XQuery: The XML Query Language (Addison-Wesley, 2004)
> Co-author, Professional XML Databases (Wrox Press, 2000)
> not as
> Technical Lead
> Common Query Runtime/XML Query Processing
> WebData XML Team
> Microsoft

Ok, you win when it comes to XML.

I won't bother listing my credentials.
	--Per Bothner

Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2003 03:15:28 UTC