RE: namespace node implementation

> the point of which is that, given the "32-bit name" which was 
> mentioned, which is close-enough to first-class, name instances can 
> serve, in themselves, to represent the information produced 
> by decoding 
> and required for encoding, and are, in themselves, a sufficient basis 
> for all operations on a closed model, without recourse to the 
> in-scope-namespace mechanism.

This isn't true, because it doesn't allow you to record information about
namespaces that are declared, but not used in element or attribute names.
The whole point about namespace nodes is that such declarations need to be
retained because the document might depend on the namespaces in other ways
("QNames in content") that only the application can know about.

Michael Kay

Received on Thursday, 23 October 2003 18:57:10 UTC