Re: namespace node implementation

Michael Brundage wrote:

>>Ok, you win when it comes to XML.
>>I won't bother listing my credentials.
> Huh?  It's just my sig, which I started using months ago at the explicit
> request of the Microsoft W3C reps.

Sorry.  In my paranoia I interpreted it as an attempt to show off your 
XML/XQuery credentials.   I will point out your previous posting, using 
the same email address, did not include that signature, so it wasn't a 
totally random conclusion.

> I think you're projecting.  I hold you in no contempt, and my failed attempt
> to offer helpful feedback was both polite and sincere.

It is easy in email on the one hand to use phrasing that can be 
mis-interpreted (especially when it comes to attitude or emotion) and on 
the other to read something into a message that was not intended, 
especially when you don't know each other well.  I've certainly done 
both ...
	--Per Bothner

Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2003 04:10:40 UTC