Re: namespace node implementation (rectification)

Rectification: what I wrote is not correct according to the latest
draft: there is no choice, the first possibility  *must* be selected.
In fact the Aug 2003 WD is quite precise about the hole question of NS nodes.

> - when copying an existing node into a constructed tree, there is a choice about
>    copying in-scope prefix/ns mappings (aka "namespace nodes"):
> 	1- copy all in-scope mappings: more verbose output but
> 	   better chances to avoid creating synthetic namespace
> 	   declarations (something like xmlns:ns1="...") required by missing mappings.
> 	2- copy only mappings defined on the node itself: more concise
> 	3- copy no mappings at all: wont result in nice serialization
> 	4- copy only if used in sub-tree: best but not efficient

Xavier Franc

Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2003 09:53:22 UTC