Re: namespace node implementation

> Ok, you win when it comes to XML.
> I won't bother listing my credentials.

Huh?  It's just my sig, which I started using months ago at the explicit
request of the Microsoft W3C reps.

>I don't know what "output I myself predicted", but my algorithm
>would not produce the above example:
>"When serializing an element, we print all the namespaces in the
>element's namespace mapping, except for ones that are redundant because
>they have already been serialized in an enclosing element."

Great, then you're on track.

> Though it would be nice to be spared the snide attitude.

I think you're projecting.  I hold you in no contempt, and my failed attempt
to offer helpful feedback was both polite and sincere.

Good luck,

Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2003 03:35:35 UTC