about XQuery view

Hi everybody,

  As a newcomer in XQuery, I am looking at the possibility of defining
XQuery views on XML databases, although there is work already done on
this, I am still looking for the answers to the following questions:

1. How about the relevance check for an update against an XQuery query?
there is reulst by Frank Neven and Dan Suciu et al. on the complexity of
containment check on limited XPath expressions, which can reach CoNP-hard,
does it still make sense to consider the more complex XQuery queries?

2. since there are all kinds of encodings from XQuery to SQL, also from
native XML documents to relational databases; is it possible to swtich the
view maintenance issues to the relational domain? Which kind of encoding
is preferrable?

3. Following the last question, because there are certain things in XQuery
unable to be translated into SQL, mentioned by Daniela Florescu et al.
shall I look more at solutions on native XML?

If you have any ideas on any questions there, please response, thanks a


Received on Thursday, 20 November 2003 15:11:30 UTC