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[Announcement] Amaya 3.2.1

[Moderator Action] Japanese language

[Moderator Action] RE: Amaya for WinNT

[Q] Amaya Build on win32 platform

a handy XML/XHTML line-breaking algorithm

A serious problem

A very annoying bug

Accessibility Style Sheet Issues

Amaya 2.4 linux bug

Amaya 3.2 crashing and rendering problems

Amaya 3.2.1 for Win32: Background Image bug

Amaya and GraphML

Amaya and the w3 home page

Amaya annoying behaviour

Amaya bug report

Amaya doesn't print?

amaya doesn't render <pre>

Amaya doesn't render page well

Amaya don't have !!!

Amaya don't have the !!!!!!

Amaya for Macintosh

Amaya for WinNT

Amaya history bug

Amaya Link Bug

Amaya not displaying background graphics correctly

Amaya not working as it should

Amaya only offline

amaya rendering problem with valid html

Amaya spell checker

anchors with text decoration

Announcement] Amaya 3.2

Apple.com is total gibberish in Amaya NT

assumption on default image size

Background image not coming from CSS sheet(external), but other a ttriubutes are ie. Text and bgcolor?

Bug in Amaya 3.1

Bug with'

Cascading menus when defining new profiles

Compilation errors

Compiling Amaya on SGI

complete url -- yes no


Crashed my system

critter comfort / not a bug

css and text decorations

css identifier parsing bugs, escapes in classnames

curiouser and curiouser

CVS sources of libwww fail

cvs.html broken link

Debugging server response

DocType XML by editing a new HTML document

document errors 2


documenting the source ...

drop down box

Editing multi-file document

empty option in select

Error - Description !

Feature request - arbitrary MIME types

file select

First view of Amaya 3.2

grammar tool bug

height declaration

Hello All & an Amaya problem!

Help about amaya at w3.org

HTML single space -- how?

Image Alignment ignored

initial jump problem

issues with Windows NT Amaya 3.2.1 -- tables and scrolling

jafa page

Jamaya (was: RE: Hello All & an Amaya problem!)

Jamaya [Repost with word wrap] (was: RE: Hello All & an Amaya problem!)

jumbled page when lots of images

Lacking support for automatic counters and numbering

libXm.so.1 error and Amaya on Linux

Linker error when building amaya 3.2.1 on alpha-dec-osf4.0

Links under Amaya 3.1

loading files from net

M1.6 A propos d'Amaya


missing header files building NT-amaya 3.2.1

Msg1.5 : A propos d'Amaya

my new e-mail

need advice from a CSS knowledgeable person

New to Amaya

no encoding specified when creating XHTML documents

page crashes amaya

please disregard last 2 postings

please help me getting information.

POST/GET with relative URL's

Printing From Amaya 3.2.1

printing manual.html

Printing to file

problem with backup recovery mechanism, Amaya v3.2 Solaris 2

Problem with yahoo

pseudo element problems

publishing problem "failed to save to URL"

Question about multiple key strikes for certain characters


relative sizes and MSIE

retaining toggled selections

scroll bar action in source view window

silent recovery from errors considered harmful

Some comments on MathML and Amaya, includes a sample MML document

some css instructions not followed


style sheet problem

Support for CSS Lvl2 Paged Media

table layout bug (non-crash)

target anchors and text decoration........

Technical advice

the gecko.html gibberish

underlined vs. blue links

user options should be retained

Using "Profiles" in Amaya v3.2.1

What's wrong with names that end in /?

workaround for underlined links

Yow! (RE: M1.6 A propos d'Amaya)

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