Re: POST/GET with relative URL's

Hello Karl-Michael,

In our previous episode, Karl-Michael Schneider said:

> How does Amaya handle the POST method in a <form> with a relative URL?
> For example, go to
> The first three forms on this page (for creating PostScript and PDF) have a
> GET method while the last form (DVI) has a POST method with
> action="/dvi/cs/0007009". Amaya cannot load this file. Is this a bug in Amaya
> or should the method be GET rather than POST?

The HTML in that page is OK. What can be discussed is using a POST for getting
the file, as it's not justified in this case.

I tested it and it works for me (under Linux). The relative URLs are well 
solved in all the above cases.

Note that the DVI file is in fact a .tar.gz file, as noted in the download
page. However, the file that is returned doesn't say so (0007009 is the
file name). I renamed it to test.tgz, and I was then able to make a
tar -xzf and read the dvi file.

Did you try to change the filename when Amaya proposes you to download it?


Received on Friday, 7 July 2000 09:08:25 UTC