Re: table layout bug (non-crash)


I'm not able to reproduce this bug. Could you give me a small piece of HTML 
where the
problem occurs.

> Hi,
> I find Amaya a very useful tool.
> When editing a table, if I select some of the text in a cell, and click the
> 'C' button for <code> markup, the row height is not adjusted even if the text
> wraps onto using an extra line due to the wider characters. Scrolling the row
> out of view and back, or continuing typing to create another new line gets the
> layout fixed again. The same problem can be observed with the <strong> and
> <em> buttons.
> I am using the precompiled Solaris version Amaya 3.2.1 11 July 2000.
> The problem may be a bad sign on some arithmetic somewhere, as it appears that
> a seven-line cell actually shrinks to a row-height of six lines when the text
> expands to use eight lines. The last two lines then are overprinted in the
> next table row.
> Cheers,
>   Scott Davis


Received on Thursday, 17 August 2000 03:18:58 UTC