Re: Amaya annoying behaviour

> > Another behaviour of Amaya that I find really annoying is that when it finishes
> > loading a page into a window, this window puts itself in the foreground, i.e.
> > rotates up to the top of the window hierarchy (I'm running under Unix/X11).
> > This should be subject to the choice of the user in some configuration menu.
> In many cases, when you download a page you plan to read it? So I guess it's 
> interesting
> to see the result when the download is finished. Isn't it?
> In the same way if you follow a link and the target page is already on your 
> screen Amaya
> pops up the target page instead of doing nothing.
> -- 
>      Irene.

Usually I have several applications running at the same time. So while Amaya
is taking some time to load a page, I am typing input into another application.
Then suddendly, Amaya pops up in the foreground and my typed characters go into
the Amaya window instead into the other application where they should go. This
is very annoying. What's the problem with making another menu entry to configure
whether Amaya should go in the foreground when finished loading or not? I want
to focus my attention to Amaya when I decide that it's time to do so, not when
Amaya decides that I should pay attention to it.


Received on Thursday, 6 July 2000 03:34:39 UTC