the gecko.html gibberish

Someone pointed out that the page had errors  but
after running thru tidy it was readable....
And of course error-tolerence is not a current priority
 for the Amaya project.....
However, since tidy does a reasonable job of making
 many pages at least useable, could not a mechanism
be placed in Amaya where an icon would run a function to
 pass the current file thru tidy to get a display .....
It would appear to user to be similar to REFRESH,  but
instead of a refetch it puts the page thru the fixer....
 This would allow testers to immediately identify 
  whether problem is Amaya  or  page designer's
Admittedly one can download page and test with tidy
or run over to and submit url for check
but a nice push icon and  good display  means its 
   yet another authoring error ... and not Amaya
This type of function would also appeal to surfer type
   who just wants to get to data without technical hassle...
I think integration of tidy.exe would be win-win situation

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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Received on Tuesday, 11 July 2000 11:26:10 UTC