table layout bug (non-crash)


I find Amaya a very useful tool.

When editing a table, if I select some of the text in a cell, and click the
'C' button for <code> markup, the row height is not adjusted even if the text
wraps onto using an extra line due to the wider characters. Scrolling the row
out of view and back, or continuing typing to create another new line gets the
layout fixed again. The same problem can be observed with the <strong> and
<em> buttons.

I am using the precompiled Solaris version Amaya 3.2.1 11 July 2000.

The problem may be a bad sign on some arithmetic somewhere, as it appears that
a seven-line cell actually shrinks to a row-height of six lines when the text
expands to use eight lines. The last two lines then are overprinted in the
next table row.

  Scott Davis

Received on Monday, 24 July 2000 00:27:53 UTC