[Q] Amaya Build on win32 platform

Dear Amaya team.

We have some problem with Amaya build on win32 platform.
I've got amaya-src-3.2.tar.gz on late July 7 from your site.
Compiled at win98(and winNT4.0) with amaya.dsw in Amaya\Windows directory.
However, there were no projects when opening it with visual C 6.0.
I guessed something wrong with this file and visual C 6.0. something about version mismatch.
To find out some clue, I opened README.amaya in Amaya directory. found some clue at http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/Win-Compiling.html#Building1
With this page's hints, I did every trial, however, I finally failed in building Amaya.

give us the way building Amaya on win32 platform.

With best regards,

Hyun-Jae, Lee
S/W Group,
Digital Visual Media Division,
Samsung Electronics

Received on Wednesday, 23 August 2000 02:47:52 UTC