RE: Hello All & an Amaya problem!

Based on what I've read and the code I've looked at (Haven't looked at jigsaw code)...Jigsaw is all server stuff (libraries, etc...) and libwww provides mostly client side implimentation of various internet releated protocols...

Some of these things may be available in various java packaes already...But I don't know of any single consoliated, open source .jar file that would provide all of the functionality of libwww (any maybe more). 

Also my real goal, when I started thinking about this, was to port amaya to java, so we (the user community) could have one code base across all platforms (well, mostly) and brush up on my programming skills (again) in java (again). When I downloaded the amaya source code I saw libwww in a directory and am making the BIG assumption that it (amaya) relies on libwww a lot. So I took a look at libwww and saw that there is a HUGE wealth of client side protocols supported there....

Anyway what does everyone think?

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> > BTW: Is there any interest of in having libwww and amaya 
> ported to java?
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> [DJW:]  I would have thought that W3C's Jigsaw project
> already had something like a Java libwww.
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