Re: silent recovery from errors considered harmful

> Irene VATTON wrote:
> > Our thinking is to use an XML parser for XHTML documents and to
> > provide a profile XHTML where each HTML and XHTML document is parsed
> > with an XML parser. The work is already started.
> Interesting.
> > We let you or other one connects tidy to Amaya.
> Do you have any suggestions on which part of the code is
> most relevant? Can you think of a place to integrate
> a call to tidy?

The right way is to write a C function which calls Tidy by a system call.
Amaya will give the path of file that contains the source document and will
receive back the path of the file that contains the result of Tidy.
Of course the system call is different on Unix and Windows platforms.


Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2000 02:51:52 UTC