Re: Compiling Amaya on SGI

> Hello!
> Did anyone succeed to compile Amaya on a SGI workstation. I tried but I
> didn't succeed neither with gcc nor with the SGI MipsPro Compilers,
> neither with gmake nor with make. 
> Is there something special I have to take care about?
> Thanks in advance


This is the list of things we did when we built Amaya on SGI platforms

1) adding the option  -fsigned-char. I guess the Amaya configure already does 

2) when Makefiles were generated by configure we removed in SGI/amaya/Makefile 
   SGI/thotlib/Makefile the linking options
   " -lnsl -lsocket"
   because that libraries doen't exist on this platform.

I hope that helps

Received on Friday, 7 July 2000 11:14:46 UTC