RE: no encoding specified when creating XHTML documents

> From:	François Yergeau []
> You must have been thinking of the HTTP default charset.
	[DJW:]  I said served as text/html, which implies
	the use of an HTTP server and text/html content-type.

> > 	Amaya is an [X]HTML tool, it should default to 8859/1.
> Bad idea, Amaya doesn't know if the document will be served by HTTP or
> otherwise, so it cannot assume this default.  It should always add a
> <meta... charset=3D> (as well as an XML encoding declaration if XHTML).
	[DJW:]  That's not the same thing.  No encoding means
	UTF-8 or UTF-16.  Amaya should store documents as 
	ISO 8859/1 unless told otherwise, as that is what most
	users will expect; i.e. it should default to storing in
	that encoding, not the XML default.  XML then requires 
	that the charset be included in the the PI and XHTML 
	suggests/requires its inclusion in the http-equiv hack.

	What apparently is happening is that it is defaulting to
	UTF-8, although I suspect it only works correctly if the
	display also uses UTF-8.  E.g. if I type GBP (currency
	symbols) the resulting document displays correctly in
	a simple text editor in CP 1252 (ISO 8859/1 superset), but
	the XML encoding says that it should be interpreted as
	UTF, which wouldn't correctly display.

	It's therefore either defaulting to 8859/1 or to the local
	GUI display encoding, not to the one it claims to be using.

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