RE: Amaya history bug

I'm not concerned with whether this link exists or not. The problem is that
Amaya considers both URL's (with and without trailing slash) the same, so I
cannot go back in the history beyond that page because Amaya thinks that the
page is already loaded.


> The link provided simply does not exist. It's not just amaya; this link
> doesn't work with Micresoft Internet Explorer either.
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> Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2000 11:17 AM
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> Subject: Amaya history bug
> Amaya's behaviour regarding trailing slashs in URL's is a real pain.
> Today I did the following:
> I entered
> and got 404 file not found
> Then I added a slash to the end of the URL (so that the address read
> and hit return and got 404 again.
> After that Amaya refused to go back when I clicked on the back arrow in the
> toolbar.
> Karl-Michael

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