Re: Amaya and GraphML

A graphics editor was developed as an experiment in Amaya some time ago.
As this was not based on any recognized standard, it was not made
visible in the public binary distribution, although the code was included
in the source release.

Since that time, a working group was formed at W3C to develop a 2D vector
graphics language known as SVG. This group has now delivered a specification
at the Candidate Recommendation status level
As this document is pretty stable, the Amaya team is now working on a new
version of the graphics editor that follows the SVG specs.  We hope to be
able to include the first version of it in the next release of Amaya
scheduled for end of October.

SVG graphics will then be included within web pages and Amaya will allow
you to create and edit SVG drawings in your web pages.


Francoise Faure wrote:
> I don't understand if graphics in amaya are external file entities
> inserted as images or if amaya
> implements a graph editor which allows to create and edit graphics in
> the document.
> I found, when I compiled amaya, the files Grahedit.o and GraphML* ; but
> I can't access to any
> graph editor.
> Did I miss something ?
> Best regards,
> Francoise
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Received on Tuesday, 5 September 2000 10:16:23 UTC