> Is there some reason that within the Windows Amaya 3.2
>     package, the menu language is not consistent with
>     Windows standards.......  for example:
> [1] shortcut keys are given in lower instead of upper case

We would like to take into account the shift. So Ctrl p is different
than Ctrl P

> [2] the + sign is not there 
> for example Print   Alt+P  is standard nomenclature
>                   Print   Alt p   is Amaya .....
> Also since there is no such thing as a return key on 
>    standard keyboards   the shortcut for br element 
>   should be  Ctrl+Enter  !!!!

I don't remember why we use Return intead of Enter. If that term hurts you
we can change.


Received on Wednesday, 5 July 2000 05:05:53 UTC