Announcement] Amaya 3.2

The Amaya 3.2 release is now available for both Unix and Windows platforms.

  Binaries (Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/95/98) are available at:

  Source is available at:

This version includes new features concerning:
-Usability: The selection is now displayed by repainting the document with the 
selection background instead of a video inversion. The user can now control 
the selection color in the menu Special/Preferences/Colors.
- Printing: It's now possible to print in different formats: A4/US, portrait/ 
landscape on both Unix and Windows platforms. The specific and  generic CSS 
rule "page-break-before: always" is now interpreted by Amaya.
- XLink: imple links from the XLink specification can be used to set hypertext 
links between XML elements.
- MathML: More attributes are implemented: lspace, rspace, subscriptshift, 
superscriptshift, scriptlevel, form, width (mspace only), height (mspace 
only), depth (mspace only).
- CSS: margins, borders, and paddings for inline elements and a better support 
for negative margins.

For more details please read the page

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